THP7 Christian Apologetics


Course Description

This course covers issues in the study of the philosophy, the sciences and political theory, with special attention given to the biblical and historical evidences for the foundation of Christian faith and defense against the influence of liberalism and contemporary issues.

Students will be introduced to different methodologies and character qualities needed in responding in a Christian and Wesleyan way to questions about the Christian faith, practices, and community. How to discover local questions and sources of opposition and strategies for finding appropriate responses will be developed. Both classical and contemporary issues in apologetics are briefly addressed: the existence of God, the problem of evil and suffering, the authority of the Bible, the supremacy of Christ, the existence and purpose of humanity, current world views such as post-modernism (free thinker/agnostic which is the current western religion), and religions found close to the student. The importance of a good character will be emphasized. The use of visual arts and music as an apologetic tool will be explored.

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