THP14 Christian Social Ethics (Community Engagement)


Course Description

The course offers an in-depth exploration of the historical teaching of, and contemporary controversies within, Christianity on selected moral issues in, sexuality, economics, politics, business, medicine, ecology, race, war, and pacifism.

The analysis will discover and classify the different elements that impact the life of the community. Students will identifythe specific needsor issues in the community where the church is, that could facilitate a positive change while building relationships with their neighborhood. Students will demonstrate how to prioritizethose needsor issues in order of urgency, capacity to address, and effectiveness in building relationships. Then students will show how to apply appropriate solutionsto those priorities with a goal of building relationships. These should be some of the first things a new pastor does when assigned to a new church. This information will become very valuable in orienting and tailoring a community engagement plan that will benefit the individual, the church, and the community.

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