THC7 Homiletics

THC7 Homiletics

Course Description

This is a basic course in the science of preaching. It deals with the various types of sermons and the method of sermon preparation. Considerable time is given to actual preparation and delivery of sermons.

Students will learn how to focus a topic by using question / response / discussion formats for communication rather than simply stating an idea. Students will also learn writing and speaking skills. They will be taught the principles of understanding and adapting to the audience, identifying the communication purpose, organizing discourse to accomplish that purpose, developing and supporting the main idea with specific data, and revising, practicing, and preparing multi-media communication to various audiences.

This course is a learn-by-doing experience. Students will receive feedback throughout the composing process and the planning-to-speak process, and then will deliver and publish final products. All the assignments are sequential and developmental, growing out of typical ministry opportunities. The course serves in the important task of training others to communicate the word of God faithfully. The course will offer the steps to follow in order to prepare and present various types of sermons.

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