Life-Long Learning

Life-Long Learning

Clergy Development and Theological Education

The Philippine/Micronesia Field Office is a resource to colleges, districts, district superintendents, pastors and lay people for theological training. If you have questions about how to prepare for ordination, you may contact our office. The resources are growing. Some of these include the following:

Call to Ministry

If you believe God is calling and leading you into ministry, the first person to talk with is your pastor. There are various steps in developing this call and preparing for ministry. These include receiving a local minister’s license; then at least one year later seek a district license; also, begin studying in the Course of Study towards ordination. There are various ways to study in the Course of Study, including the following:

  • Philippine Theological Education by Extension (PhilTEEN and LAMP)

Districts can develop extension programs for theological training towards ordination requirements. Please see your district PhilTEEN coordinator (LAMP in Metro Manila) or call your regional Bible college for information: PNC (074) 422-2017; VNBC (032) 231-2812; APNTS (632) 658-5872.

  • Higher Education

The field has three institutions to help train ministers: Philippines Nazarene College, Visayan Nazarene Bible College, and Asia-Pacific Nazarene Theological Seminary. They offer certificates and degrees at various levels.

It is recommended that if you are able, attend one of our Nazarene institutions of higher learning.

Lifelong Learning

According to the Manual 527.6, every district licensed minister who has graduated from the Course of Study and every ordained minister should have a minimum of 20 hours of lifelong learning hours per year. The responsibility lies with each minister to complete these hours. Set a goal and study plan for yourself. Find a mentor or accountability partner.

Lifelong Learning Opportunities

Ministers have a wide-range of choices of activities for learning experiences:

  • Conferences and Seminars
  • District training seminars
  • Continuing education courses from educational institutions or professional groups
  • Webcasts
  • Reading a professional journal
  • Joining other ministers in reading and discussing a book

Available Nazarene digital resources include (see

  • Didache online journal
  • Preachers Magazine
  • Grace and Peace Magazine
  • Engage Magazine
  • Wesleyan Holiness Digital Library

The Philippines/Micronesia Field Office, PNC, VNBC, and APNTS will continue to work with districts to develop and offer opportunities for clergy development.

Lifelong Learning Registry

Lifelong learning hours can be recorded in an online registry located at: Every Nazarene minister can create a login and record his or her hours there. This will allow District Boards of Ministry, district, regional, and general leaders to access your continuing education.