Justice & Missions

Justice & Missions

Justice & Missions

Workin g on Advocacy Campaigns and Information Drives in Schools, Churches and Communities about Human Trafficking and what the church can do about it. Missions and Justice Ministry also collaborates with GOs and NGOs for holistic partnership in order to provide network for training and advocacies for Local Church. It also includes the organization and promotion of Mission Camps.


Anti Human Traffi cking Prayer Guides

• AHT Primer

• AHT Bible study materials- a 5-lesson Bible study material that tackles issues of human trafficking and what does the Bible says about it.

• Free training for priceless cube (0 material for one-on-one discipleship for AHT)

• Free Training for Anti-Human trafficking 101 and advocacy to the churches and community and what the church can do about it.

Contact: Mr. Leody Echavez III,  pmf-aht@apnaz.org