Vision 2030

Vision 2030


The Missional Emphasis of the Church of the Nazarene Philippines-Micronesia

1. Children and Youth Development

  • Children are the church of today.
  • We create awareness to churches about the value and importance of children and youth.
  • We develop holistic ministries that are driven by our passion for children and youth.
  • We bring them to Christ, mentor and disciple them, and prepare them for life, for leadership and service.
  • Ministry to Children and Youth is integral in the rest of the ministries of the field– Education, Communication/Radio, Disaster Management,  OFW, Literature, etc.

2. Leadership Development

  • Each district leader and pastor intentionally identify emerging leaders whom they will disciple, mentor and develop.  Lay leaders are encouraged, trained and equipped and provided opportunities for ministry, leadership and service.
  • Reaching them with opportunities for growth and development; Rooting them in the word of God; and Releasing them as partners in discipleship, mission, and leadership.
  • Every district has an active and effective structure and delivery system of the Course of Study for lay people, and intentional Continuing Education opportunities for every pastors.
  • That Transformational Leadership training program is happening in the field for pastors, existing leaders and emerging leaders.

3. District and Church Development

  • Engage in intentional church planting in strategic cities, rural areas, and the business sectors.
  • Each district and local church has a clear Vision and Mission, and it is clearly articulated in preaching, and all ministries of the church.
  • Churches helping other churches, implementing the “bayanihan” spirit in local work and witness, in missions, in church planting, others.
  • Celebrating members who are making Christlike disciples who also make Christlike disciples.
  • Regular pastors’ meeting for fellowship, team building, encouragement, prayer and planning.
  • Districts becoming a regular (Phase 3) and missional district– emphasizing on mission, leadership development (having more ordained ministers), increase in giving and membership.
  • District wide promotion, translation and use of Nazarene Essentials in membership class, discipleship and preparation of members for ministry.
  • As a strategy for Making Disciples and Multiplying Churches, we implore the use of “Training for Trainers Making Disciples Multiply Churches.”  Trainings will be held field-wide and every district.
  • That T4T Making Disciples and Multiply Churches integrates Compassionate Ministries, OFW Care, and UPGs.

4. Unreached People Groups (UPGs)

  • Intentional prayer for the neighbors (such as during Ramadan and Eid ul Fitr)
  • Intentional learning about their culture and context.  Educational institutions (PNC, VNBC, APNTS) provide study and conduct training on district and local churches about ministry to the neighbors.
  • Using community health evangelism, community development, and child development ministry as means to share the gospel to the UPGs.
  • At the heart of our mission to make Christlike disciples in the nations, we establish indigenous church movement in each people’s groups.

5. Overseas Filipino Workers (OFWs) Care and Mobilization for Cross-Cultural Ministry 

  • Developing special ministries to the families of Overseas Filipino Workers.
  • Connecting with them through social media and multi-media (during worship service/Bible Study)
  • Igniting a mobilization of Filipino Nazarenes for intentional cross-cultural ministry.
  • Unleashing the potential of the Philippine Church for World Mission through our OFWs.
  • Training willing Nazarene OFWs for cross-cultural ministries, commission them as tentmaker missionaries, and recognized their God-given ministries to the place where God is sending them.  Our goal is to create more OFWs – OUTSTANDING FILIPINO WITNESSES cross-culturally.
  • Partnership with Philippine Mission Movement (PCEC) and Asian Christian Mission for training Nazarene OFWs to be involved in mission cross-culturally.

6. Purposeful Compassion

  • As an evidence of our doctrine and lifestyle of holiness, every Nazarene loves people unconditionally and seeks ministries that promotes justice and care for everyone, especially those who are broken, abused, marginalized, and living in poverty.
  • Local churches and districts embracing and intentionally doing holistic ministries to children, youth, adult and in communities where the Church of the Nazarene is.
  • Providing care and speaking in behalf of those who live in extreme poverty.
  • District and churches are trained for disaster risk reduction, response and management.
  • Support Anti-human trafficking, HIV-AIDS, and Care for Environment advocacies and initiatives.