Pastor’s Kids Summit: Alongsider

Pastor’s Kids Summit: Alongsider

August 21, 2020

By:  – Leah Mae Open Alquizar


August 21, 2020       – A historical day for the Philippine Nazarene Pastors’ Kids (PK’s) as the first online summit event, kicked off. This event was participated in by more than 150 PK’s from ages 10-35 years old. The event was spearheaded by a team of passionate PK’s in the Philippines. This event begins the launching of the Philippines and Micronesia Field Decadal Emphasis on Children. The summit aims to EMPOWER PK’s in their roles and identity, and to STRENGTHEN the fellowship among them.  This event gave them encouragement and inspiration and ESTABLISHED accountability or an “Alongsider” approach to their journey towards Christlikeness.


The summit event was packed with inspirational messages given by Plenary Speakers that include being an “Alongsider”.  There was also forum on Justice and Discipleship.  The PK’s enjoyed age-appropriate workshops, meaningful worship, powerful testimonies and relevant reflections and sharing in breakout sessions. Rev. Stephen Gualberto, Field Strategy Coordinator, said “My prayer and desire for all the Pastors Kids in the Field is that they will be radical in their faith for Jesus Christ, trusting and obeying Him every step of the way.  And to become incarnational disciples of Jesus who makes Christlike disciples wherever they are.”


One participant commented that “The most impactful experience in this summit is the sharing part wherein we got to know the struggles of our fellow PK and we also got to share our struggles as well. This is very impactful because I realized that I am not alone, I have an extended family wherein I can share my problems to them and they can give the best advice because they have experienced it as well”. As the famous quotations in this summit says, “birds with the same feathers are birds”. Who can well understand and know the PK’s but their co-PKs as well. The summit also affirmed to each PK that they are not journeying alone but there are also other PK walking in the same path.  This knowledge helps them realize their value and purpose in their identity as Pastors’ Kids. The event emphasized walking alongside with each other toward their holistic development and transformation.


Another PK testified, “I just want to say that I’m so grateful to those who push these kinds of events for us PK’s. God knows how much we actually need gatherings like this. Where we can be heard, understood and comforted by people that go through the same things. Personally, I’m always looking forward to PK events since I don’t really have a really close PK friend whom I can vent to comfortably. So, for now, these are the events that I can share my frustrations and dilemmas on being a pastor’s kid.  So again, thank you very much and God bless you all”.


This summit is the beginning of a lifelong relationship building and intentional mentoring of PK’s that are called, favored and strategically positioned by God to do His will. It is the utmost hope of the PK themselves that what they have learned will be put into practical actions and to be lived out.


One PK stated on the five learning and practical actions he would apply after the summit that “First, HUG MY PARENTS because I hate the thought of them crying or discouraged because they see me struggling. Second, TRY MY BEST to look at the blessings rather than the problems. Third, BE THE LIGHT no matter how hard it can be especially in this generation. Fourth, FOCUS ON GOD and don’t let others bring you down and lastly, LEARN TO BE A PROUD PK”.


Everybody is looking forward to the next PK event where again they can have meaningful conversations, warm fellowship and strengthen one another.